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ADA BF / GSR / GTR Billet Rim Reg Price 64.99

SKU: KK584


ADA BF / GSR / GTR Billet Rim



ADA billet aluminum wheel for air tire Go-Ped models. Made in the USA from 6061 aluminum. Includes bearings and inner bearing spacer. Fits front and rear on Bigfoot and GSR model Go-Peds. Sold individually, includes 2 halves to make 1 wheel. New style with elongated mount holes, 9mm hole from side to side, 10mm wide from inside to outside . Fits Bigfoot, Geo-Bigfoot, Super Bigfoot, GSR40, GSR40-TS, GSR25, GSR26R, GSR29R, GTR46, SGSR46R, RIOT, ESR750, ESR750EX, and Go-Bike (all Go-Ped models that run the 10" tires).

This is a replacement for the old Patmont Magnesium wheel hubs (KK586). These are now machine finished. They are no longer polished.