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Crazy Stu's Intake System for Losi 5ive

SKU: SM104


Crazy Stu's Intake System for Losi 5ive



Crazy Stu's Intake System for the Losi 5iveT

Crazy Stu Engineering presents an air intake solution for the large scale basher and racer alike:

This is one of the top selling air filter systems for the Losi 5IVE-T. It will work with both the 5IVE-T 1.0 and 2.0 models

The Intake System features strength and flexibility from the included silicone piping that's rated up to 260 deg Celsius (500 Fahrenheit). So, it can take a hit and still perform brilliantly, all the while maintaining its shape when heated and not collapsing like other rubber intake systems in the literal heat of battle!

The Intake design places the included high-performance DT1 filter forward of the motor and right in front of the windscreen to receive best airflow and performance, including positioning that was considered to reduce the chance of fuel dousing the filter from the fuel cap. We all know that fuel and filter oil don’t mix, fuel can cause the filter oil to dissolve and let dust into your engine which can and will cause major engine wear. This System also minimizes the risk of debris from the front wheels from hitting the filter. You can be assured that your Intake System won't pose a restriction OR a danger to your engine!


• Rated at 260 deg Celsius (500 Fahrenheit)

• Comes as a complete bolt on kit

• Top quality components

• No air flow restrictions

• Forward and center of facing design

Note: This does require a slight modification to the left side of the roll cage to allow clearance for the elbow. You will need to trim a small amount of the “X” bracing. The cage and body will still be very strong.