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DDM Fuel Quick Connectors

SKU: JJ550


DDM Racing Fuel Quick Connectors




These simple and inexpensive quick disconnects will allow quick and painless removal of engines or fuel tanks. Not only can you now quickly disconnect the fuel lines from your motor, but no more broken carb fuel fittings trying to pull the tubing off.

Also, if you have one of the small mechanical fuel pumps on your gas can, you never need to take the fuel cap off your car again, just get another set for your gas can/pump, and plug it right into the tank, no more debris falling in your fuel tank.

If you remove your motor, and are not going to be putting another motor in right away, or are swapping out between multiple motors, just run a male and a female off of the tank (and of course on the motor) and plug them into each other so no fuel leaks. The only maintenance required is to wipe off the male side of the connector when dirty, and that's it.

NOTE: Certain fuel tubing can be difficult to push over the barb depending on internal diameter of the fuel line. DDM suggests lightly sanding the barb down on the fuel connector and using some window cleaner to allow the fuel tubing to slide over more easily.


  • 2 male connectors
  • 2 female connectors