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DarkSoul #25 Chain Breaker Tool

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DarkSoul #25 Chain Breaker Tool



Darksoul Chain breaker tool. The best tool out there for breaking and joining the #25 chain used on Go-Ped scooters and pocketbikes.

This tool is also very popular with robotics clubs, it's the best quality breaker out there.

This beautifully crafted #25 chain tool makes breaking and assembling #25 chain a snap. Use the main mandrel to separate the chain. Turn your chain around and use the secondary mandrel to re-press the chain using the original pin. No more master links! 

Basic Instructions for Use: 

1. Press the pin out at the desired location. Do not press this pin completely through both plates. The trick is to leave the pin attached to the outer plate. When you hit the sweet spot you'll feel the pin relax. 
2. Turn the chain over. 
3. Insert the now extended, but still attached pin, into the re-press mandrel on the right side of the breaker. Back this mandrel all the way out to make room for the pin. 
4. Lightly tighten the breaker pin down onto the chain to help hold and align it. 
5. Put the female end of the chain back into alignment with the other end of the chain and the pin. Use an allen wrench to push the pin back through until it is completely seated.

Below is a video demonstrating how to use this tool: