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Full-Force RC Servo Clamps - Silver (Standard size)

SKU: HT176


Full-Force RC Servo Clamps - Silver



Another new little item that will save you a ton of headaches. Are you tired of breaking off your servo mounting tabs?  Use some of our aluminum servo clamps and never have to deal with that again. 
Made from solid T6 6061 aluminum which has been polish tumbled then bright dip anodized for a superb finish.  
Each package contains 6 servo clamps and 12 3x12mm hex button screws for mounting.  (Enough for three servos) 


These servo clamps are intended for use on “Standard" sized servos. These are found on FG Modelsports cars, generally for throttle servo applications and some steering systems and the throttle of HPI Baja models. Will also fit most 1/10 sized models using standard servos.