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IRP Standoff Turnbuckle Spacer Kit for HPI Baja 5B/5T

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IRP Standoff Turnbuckle Spacer Kit for HPI Baja 5B/5T



Inertia Racing Products is proud to introduce a new product for the IRP Turnbuckles. These new Billet Standoff Spacer Kits replace the stock, flat plastic spacer and include a spacer for the inner rod end as well.
These are a 1 piece 3 step design that have multiple benefits.

1) they are a sleeve design that fit into the rod end ball and eleminate ALL OF THE STEERING SLOP. the IRP turnbuckle allready reduced the slop without the new standoff and now it is all eleminated. this is very important to Oval and On-road racers when setting the toe, as well as dirt course racers when track conditions change. another benefit of the sleeve design is just that much more strength at the rod end.

2) With the 2nd step in the spacer design being the exact diameter of the ball allows for maximum articulation of the suspension arms and improves the overall steering geometry thus decreasing the likelyhood of of binding on the servo wiper arm when and if you have that nasty one wheel lander right or left side.

3) With the 3rd step being the same diameter as the stock plastic spacer you will not lose the surface area against the outer steering arm and the inner servo wiper arm. now with that said the 3rd step was critical in the design to allow the maximum articulation.the stock plastic spacer is flat and has the tendency to bind when the suspension is maximum compressed.

These standoff spacers were originaly designed for the guys running the FLM extended a-arms. the FLM stock turnbuckles created a tremendous bind on the servo wiper arm when the suspension was compressed and they also have the so called " bad spot " during suspensin articulation. that issue has now been resolved.

During the testing process we discovered that these standoff spacers also worked very well and improved the stock length turnbuckle sets as well. these kits are an excellent upgrade for all IRP Turnbuckles.

Included are 2 stainless M4x22mm socket head screws to replace the stock length M4x18mm.