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MIP 1/5th Scale 54mm 8-shoe Racing Clutch

SKU: SM461


MOD/MIP 1/5th Scale 54mm 8-shoe Racing Clutch



MOD / MIP’s 1/5th Scale 54mm Racing Clutch hits harder faster, its shoe longevity is vastly improved (over 2-shoe), and when shoes and springs do wear out, there’s no need to ditch the entire assembly as it is completely rebuildable. It’s not a question as to whether you need this clutch, but rather are you going to have it before your competition does? We welcome you to an all-new 1/5thscale reality; MIP’s reality! Warning: Must use a vented housing, a closed housing will trap heat and melt the clutch. If possible use a new smooth (no cuts) clutch bell. Bartolone/Vertigo clutch bells recommended. If using a used clutch bell be sure to use emery cloth or fine sand paper to remove old sediments from inside bell (cross hatch pattern) Do not ride the clutch if it is under another car or under unnecessary load. Use with 34cc and below engines in offroad vehicles (drag cars / oval use at own risk) If slipping occurs do not ride the clutch and be sure that all the above is within spec COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: (When compared to OEM clutch) Quicker acceleration 50% less rotating mass Shoe Longevity is vastly improved Clutch fade is little to non-existent Clutch hits harder faster FEATURES: 7075 aluminum construct Carbon Fiber Flower Plate 10 - 8K Springs included (9K / 10K optional) 8-Shoe design 4, 6, or 8 shoe adjustability Completely rebuildable 100% Made in the USA