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PhatDad-RC 300M Series Cross-Over Dogbones for HPI Baja 5B/5T

SKU: TT370


PhatDad-RC 300M Series Cross-Over Dogbones for HPI Baja 5B/5T - Lifetime Warranty



Available from PhatDad, the 300M Series Crossover Dogbones for your HPI Baja 5B/5T. These are designed as a replacement for the HPI86610 dogbones. If you have a 5SC or 5B SS with 25mm sized cups these will not fit. You will need to change the drive cups to a 22mm style cup.

300-M grade steel is the best of the best. Many suspension and drive train componenets in all of the fastest offroad race vehicles use 300-M grade steel.

These are the standard 4mm version that will work with the 22mm sized Baja 5B/5T drive cups, they will work with many aftermarket cups as well. They do not fit the Baja 5SC 25mm sized drive cups.

The new DogBone material is the same steel and heat treatment used on High performance off road drive axles and in transfer cases (hence the name, "cross over"). 300M steel is used for maximum strength. These new Dogbones are a high performance precision made drive axle for your Baja 5B/5T. Diameter is 8mm, and they are 3mm longer than stock, just long enough to help them stay put in the cups but you still want them plunging.

Made using a BEEFY 10-32x3/16 made in the USA external Knurled point set screw.
These set screws are made from hardened steel RCH 37-45c. They have superior vibration-resistance and positive self locking. The dowel pins are the same high quality parts.

PhatDad 300M Series Cross-Over Dogbones come with a Lifetime Warranty through PhatDad RC.

Note from PhatDad:
"Locking diffs, big block motors and electric conversions will void lifetime warranty. My parts are made from heat treated 300m steel. I run a big block and have yet to damage any of my drive train parts. Maintenance and common sense with your trigger finger and my parts will last a long time, example, never ever land a jump with your throttle wide open, your going to break parts. Have fun guys and thanks for your support"