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Race Systems "Torkinator" T2V5 Electric Motor for ESR Electric Go-Peds

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Race Systems "Torkinator" T2V5 Electric Motor for ESR Electric Go-Peds



Behold the Torkinator T2V5 High Performance Motor Built Exclusively for the GoPed ESR Electric Scooter line!

After over a year of continuous development and multiple design iterations, we are proud to announce availability of the Torkinator T2V5; the ultimate balance in high power, usable torque, and continuous-duty reliability, built exclusively for the GoPed ESR Electric scooter line. 

The T2V5 is the state of the art in high performance personal mobility PMDC (permanent magnet direct current) electric motor design. Without modification to the existing scooter platform, the Torkinator can propel a Go-Ped ESR and its 175lb rider to full racing speeds of over 30mph, or take that same rider up hills that would otherwise be impossible to climb. And, all of this is possible with an installation that takes less than 30 minutes. The T2V5 is a direct bolt-on; no modification to your scooter is required. Simply replace the ESR motor with a T2V5, choose an appropriate sprocket ratio for your needs, and you are ready for a whole new electric experience.

Gearing: Because this motor is so powerful, we do not recommend you use stock gearing.

15/68 with 51 link chain is recommended as a starting point.


RACE Systems Torkinator motors are intended for off-road closed-course racing use only. Use of these products on public roadways may violate local and federal law. Although it is possible to operate a Torkinator motor legally on a public roadway, it is soley the users responsibility to research local and federal laws, and configure the target machine to operate within those limits. Torkinator motors are never sold as part of complete vehicles, nor are they sold with sprockets. Installation and configuration dictates peak power production and terminal speed; both of which are soley at the discretion of the end user.

Please behave responsibly, and always wear your helmet.

Who is RACE Systems?

RACE, or RACE Systems is Reynolds Advanced Computer Engineering operated by Byron Reynolds, a 41yr old Computer Engineer located in the Silicon Valley / Bay Area in Northern California.

The company was founded in the early 1990's and focused at that time on state of the art Automotive Fuel Injection telemetry, datalogging, and calibration systems. The SnEEC Datalogger was an active and successful product over a 10 year span, was sold directly to OEMs as well as end users, and was phased out as systems such as this became common place as part of the factory fuel injection systems in modern vehicles.

In parallel during that time, RACE Systems performed a variety of contract design jobs for related vehicle technologies that ended up on OEM products built by other large names such as Snap-On Tools.


 The natural evolution of high performance vehicle technology appears to be migrating to electrics. The first electric vehicles accessable by everyone are coming available as toys, bicycles and other more novel personal mobility vehicles like the Go-Ped ESR. My pesonal interest in electric vehicles led to the purchase an entry-level electric GoPed ESR 750EX for commuting, which is how the Torkinator motor came to be.

 I'm a heavy man. Stock performance would not do the job I wanted the scooter to do; and that was to efficiently get me anywhere I wanted to go; every day without failure, at a pace I found exciting.

I began this quest using off the shelf motor technologies and followed the path partially explored by others. I bought several kinds of motors, and modified the ESR in a variety of ways with varied results. In the end, I was unable to build a reliable solution for myself using what was available off the shelf; but did not stop there.

Rather than quit, I researched. Through that research, I met the engineers behind some of the highest performance DC motor designs on the planet. They were impressed and enthusiastic about my progress and specifications, and together we worked for over a year developing the T2V5; the first high performance aftermarket electric motor for the GoPed ESR capable of 30mph or 30% grades with an average weight rider; and performance profile that is more efficient than stock for most spirited riders.

 The T2V5 motors are now shipping, and are being well received.

Thank you all for your interest and support!

Byron Reynolds / RACE Systems


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