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Snappy RC Ultimate Fuel Line Kit for HPI Baja 5B/5T

SKU: JJ575


Snappy RC Ultimate Fuel Line Kit for HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC



Tired of your fuel cap leaking? 
Need a new grommet without purchasing a tank? 
Need better ventilation for larger motors?
Solve all these problems with the SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit for the HPI Baja 5B 5T and 5SC!

Cut Tubing to approximate length
14” pickup tube     9” return tube     1” vent valve tube
Fuel tubing is not included in the price of the kit

Use 2 cycle oil to lubricate the grommet and tubing, it is a tight fit! 
The pickup tube should be approximately five inches through the 
grommet. Install fuel pickup filter clunk.  Return and vent tubing
should less than half an inch through the grommet.  
Lubricate the grommet with 2 cycle oil and install in tank. 
Connect the pickup tube to the bottom carburetor nipple.
Connect the return tube to the top carburetor nipple.
Install the check valve in the vent tube.
Remove old guts from gas cap and plug vent hole:
Tapping the hole and inserting a set screw is recommended.
“SealAll” or similar fuel resistant sealant will also work.
Reuse the cap guts or install the new cap gasket.  

If using FFRC brass fittings, add a small piece of tube where they
pass through the grommet for a tight fit.

Kit includes: 
3 hole Fuel Tank Grommet
Billet Aluminum Check Valve Vent* 
Heavy Duty Fuel Cap Gasket
Instructions & Sticker

*The new Billet Aluminum Check valve is safe for all fuels including ethanol.
The original kit included a plastic check vent

The original kit was intended to be used with gasoline not ethanol.
Ethanol will shorten the life of the check valve.