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  • Turtle Racing v1 HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC Clutch System (Pinion Gear Sold Separately)

Turtle Racing v1 HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC Clutch System (Pinion Gear Sold Separately)

SKU: GT265


Turtle Racing v1 HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC Clutch System (Pinion Gear Sold Separately)



Turtle Racing HD-Clutch System - Now in stock! The wait is finally over!

Available pinion options:

16T or 17T pinion gear for use with the stock 57T spur gear
18T Pinion gear for use with 56T spur
19T pinion gear for use with 55T spur
20T pinion gear for use with 54T spur.

Pinion Gear is Sold Separately. Available in the "Also Purchased With This Item" listings at the bottom of this page.

Turtle Racing has completely redesigned the clutch system for your HPI Baja. The TR HD Clutch System is sold as a complete System and includes, Enclosed Clutch Bell Carrier, HD Clutch Bell, Original One-Piece Gear Plate, Robinson Racing Pinion Gear, Fast Eddy Bearings and all Hardware necessary for installation.

Turtle Racing recruited testers all over the U.S. and Europe to test, BEAT on and Abuse this System. They tested extensively in all kinds of conditions and environments, with a large variety of motors, clutches and driving styles. We utilized a combination of Hard Core Racers and the General everyday Bashers to do our testing.

We started with an Enclosed, 6061 Billet Aluminum Clutch Bell Carrier with HUGE Fast Eddy Bearings, Largest Clutch Bell bearings offered by any Manufacturer. The Large Fast Eddy bearings provide Longer bearing life and a very solid support for the clutch bell. A Strong Clutch Bell Carrier means better, more consistent pinion/spur gear mesh. The new TR Enclosed Carrier is vented properly so it is difficult for dirt and sand to enter, but it allows heat and expansion to disperse instead of being trapped and forced into the crank bearings. We have also added Cooling/Support ribs around the bearings to help strengthen/support the bearings and to help dissipate heat. We saw a big drop in heat when we added these ribs. We also saw increased bearing and gear life with the addition of these ribs. None of our testers ever saw a bearing temp over 145 degrees!

We also made a new TR HD-Clutch Bell, of course bigger bearings means a Huge shaft on the Clutch bell, but this Clutch Bell offers so much more! This TR HD-Clutch bell shares it’s one piece steel design with it’s little Brother, The Original TR Steel Bells. The TR HD-Clutch Bells are Machined from Billet Steel, to ensure concentricity and the strongest bell possible. No welds to break. We have drilled and tapped the TR HD-Clutch bell for a M6 Pinion Screw!! Compare that to the stock M4, you WILL NOT break pinion screws anymore! We guarantee it, if you break a pinion screw during driving, We will replace the screw, bell and pinion! The keyway size has also been increased, a HUGE 1/4" key is now used to secure the New RR pinion gear. Last but not least, we have drilled access holes around the outside diameter of the bell, so if you have an adjustable clutch and a New, “Adjustable” TR Billet Clutch Housing, or modify your stock housing, you will be able to adjust your Clutch without removing it from the Baja.

The TR One Piece Gear Plate, this is the only TRUE One Piece Gear Plate on the market. TR has eliminated the 3-piece stock design and in doing so, eliminated the plastic bearing mount. The TR One Piece Gear Plate is 6061 Billet aluminum, with a Fast Eddy Bearing installed. We added cooling/strengthening ribs around the Spur Gear bearing to help dissipate heat and add strength. The One-piece design provides Precision Pinion/Spur Gear location for longer gear and Bearing life. Also, as things start to heat up, the One Piece Gear plate will not allow the Spur Gear bearing to deviate from position as the stock plastic does. The bearing is always held in the proper position.

All of these Changes require a Pinion gear to make it all work, Robinson Racing is the Perfect Company for the task! The TR HD-Clutch System will come complete with a special Robinson Racing Pinion Gear, purpose built for the TR HD-Clutch System. Several Gear options will be available to fit your Driving needs. There will be Options for Stock Spur gears and options for Robinson Racing Steel Spur gears. Choose your Clutch System with the pinion gear you use the most, after that we will have pinions available to purchase separately.


TR Part # 1121