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Turtle Racing/OBR Sealed Clutch Housing for Losi 5ive

SKU: GT390


Turtle Racing/OBR V2 Sealed Clutch Housing for Losi 5ive



The TR/OBR Billet Clutch Housing mounts directly to the motor and the Losi's frame and houses the clutch assembly. This replaces the cast stock housing and is stronger and definitely better looking. The TR/OBR billet clutch housing also eliminates the need for the spacer between the housing and frame. An o-ring and oil seal have been added to this clutch housing. This allows you to use three crankcase bearings in your engine. It's a known fact that the sealed third bearings leak and cause an air leak. This housing will allow you to use three open bearings and still have two oil seals. The benefit is you will not need to rebuild the bottom end of your engine as often. 

This clutch housing requires that you machine the clutch plate to prevent it from rubbing the seal. Machined clutch plates are available separately (see part # gt391). **The clutch modification also applies to Lauterbacher and Elcon clutches**
Made to fit Zenoah and CY engines 30.5cc and smaller. This does not fit the F290 engine found in the RTR Losi 5IVE-T/MTXL

Note: These clutch housings have V2 style machining for better heat dissipation and are different from what is pictured