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36mm GP290 kit w/40mm boss

SKU: CA378


CY 36mm GP290 kit w/40mm boss



Complete top-end kit for the new-style GP290 engine with 40mm cylinder skirt. Includes 36mm cylinder, piston, piston ring, piston pin, pin bearing, pin washers, circlips, cylinder gasket, insulator gasket, spark plug, and two cylinder bolts.  This kit has the 40mm cylinder skirt and is ONLY compatible with 40mm cases. ONLY fits the new-style Chung Yang GP290 engine with the larger 40mm cylinder skirt. DOES NOT FIT the "Version 1" Chung Yang GP290 engine with 38mm crankcase opening, or any other Chung Yang engine. DOES NOT FIT any Zenoah engine. If you are unsure which version of the GP290 engine you have, please measure your current cylinder skirt to ensure compatibility before ordering.

DDM suggests the use of a Zenoah gasket or steel reinforced head gasket. Because of the 40mm opening you will need to trim those gaskets slightly for the best fit.