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DDM Dominator Tuned Race Pipe for Go-Ped Sport / X-Ped Models

SKU: FD176


DDM Dominator® Tuned Race Pipe for Go-Ped Sport / X-Ped Models



Brand new from DDM!!! The Dominator® chrome endbleed tuned race pipe for Sport/Xped models. Fits G23LH engine as well as all R/C engines (GPL290, GP290, G230RC, G260RC, G270RC, G290RC, CY23RC, CY26RC, CY27RC, CY29RC, F270, RCMK, etc). We developed this pipe over months of rigorous testing and design, and have come up with a pipe that blends performance, appearance, and practicality. Installation is easy and provides for a rock-solid mount to your engine and frame.

2-piece design including separate header and silicone coupler.

90-degree silicone tube included, to route exhaust from end of tuned pipe into frame exhaust (optional). Even if you don't have a frame with an built-in exhaust, you can use a few inches of this tube to reduce noise considerably.

Ride with the best... Ride with the DDM Dominator® pipe!

This pipe was designed for the Go-Ped Sport, Liquimatic, X-Ped, and Super X-Ped Models. The pipe itself could conceivably be used on other models as well - Bigfoot, Super Bigfoot, GSR Cruiser, GSR26R, GSR29R, etc - as the pipe will mount to the engine - but, only the rear mounting bracket would fit, so some custom modification would be required to secure an adequate mount for the front portion of the pipe.

Download installation instructions here: