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  • ESP REED PORTED GP460 46cc Top End Kit - For Bartolone/Slitzell Cylinder Reed

ESP REED PORTED GP460 46cc Top End Kit - For Bartolone/Slitzell Cylinder Reed

SKU: CC586


ESP REED PORTED GP460 46cc Top End Kit - For Bartolone/Slitzell Cylinder Reed 



ESP GP460 reed ported top end kit for Bartolone or Slitzell cylinder reed

This version of the reed ported top end is best for low/midrange power. For top end revving, part CC586B is the best choice.

Enjoy more Low RPM Power, Monster Mid-range Power, with more Top Speed, along with the top porting quality in the industry with the new ESP GP460 top end kit, ported to fit on Bartolone or Slitzell GP460 Cylinder Reeds. 

This kit comes as pictured including modified/ported cylinder, piston, ring, gasket and c-clips.

Product Description from ESP:
                                              New for 2019
                                           ESP GP460 cylinder reed top end kit:

Over the decades, ESP has built more great running and great quality reed case top end kits than anybody in the world, and never sold a bad one.  You can expect that same great quality and performance from their new GP460 cylinder reed top end kit.  With either a Trevor Simpson or Bartalone GP460 cylinder reed kit, ESP estimated the engine with a DDM Dominator pipe to be 8hp plus.  The low RPM power is greatly enhanced over the stock engine. The mid-range power pulls very hard and revs to about 14,000 rpm.

If you use a 1mm stroked crank, you will want to check your squish clearance to make sure you have at least .020” of vertical squish clearance. Using the stock cylinder base gasket, you may find you need to add a .005” or possibly a .010” copper gasket to add to the stock gasket.  Use a gasket sealer that resists gasoline on the “metal to metal” interface of the copper gasket to cylinder base, or cases, (which ever you decide to put the copper gasket against).  Make sure you use a good oil, like “Klotz Supertechniplate“, (also sold at DDM), and mix it to 25:1 (gas/oil ratio, 5.12oz/gallon).
For best performance, some case modifications can be done also, (but will run strong with out the case mods).  As you can see in the picture, ESP added epoxy to the "transfer bowls" of the cases to create more primary compression, and extends the 5th transfer tunnel past the gasket and all the way down into the crank case cavity.  It is pretty easy work. You can do it yourself, or ESP can do it for you directly if you desire. 


This engine kit is sold for the use in racing applications only.  It is not intended for use on public streets.
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